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Out of the Blue


In 1985, two acquaintances began a creative collaboration which has since blossomed into a friendship and a professional ambition. Thus Ruggiero, lead vocalist/guitarist, and Stephen Angelini, Keyboardist/back vocalist, became the co-conspirators of SECRET PEOPLE.

Sometimes personal, sometimes social, always off the wall, their material rides on an original sound based on compelling vocals, fresh arrangements, and a driving beat. The intensity of their music and the rich imagery of their lyrics are fertile ground for visual expression.

From the bright admonitions of “Toys“, through the dark inner anxieties of “Master Therapist“, the dazzling enchantment of Lucifer in “Plastic Paradise”, the humorous inaccessibility of a “Dexa Dream“, to the predatory egomania of “The Taste of Fortune“, SECRET PEOPLE reflects diverse facets of the human experience in this latter part of the 20th century.

SECRET PEOPLE hopes to be a part of the evolutionary process that will carry pop music into the 21st.